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SunContract Platform Launch

SunContract Launch Event 2018

Ladies and gents, here it is… The first peer-to-peer retail energy trading platform will go live on the much-awaited April 13th, at the SunContract Launch Event in Bled, Slovenia.

The launch of the SunContract Platform will be part of a broader EU Commission organized initiative for Smart Villages. The SunContract Project and the Smart Villages initiative complement one another as they both support local self-sufficient communities that strive for a sustainable future for our children’s children.

Be a Part of the Energy Revolution

SunContract Launch Event 2018

SunContract’s revolutionary business model will disrupt the energy sector enabling users to actively participate in the energy market by choosing the prices they buy and sell electricity at. By being a member of the Pioneers Program, you have made the decision to be a part of this history-making movement whose vision is a greener and user-friendly energy future.

And so, it begins…

The official launch event will take place on April 13th in the breathtaking city of Bled, Slovenia. The program will start at exactly 15:00 and will last until 17:00. After the official program ends, a networking dinner is arranged for all participants. Last but not least, to give you the best, most accurate Slovenian experience, the SunContract Team has arranged an After-party Event at a nearby venue within proximity of the hotels and the assembling point of the Slovenian tour the following day.


14:00 – 15:00

Registration (Rikli Balance Hotel)

15:00 – 15:20

Welcome program

15:20 – 16:20

Special guests speeches

16:20 – 16:35

Coffee break

16:35 – 16:45

“Cheer up” program

16:45 – 17:25

Blockchain Panel: moderator Jure Pirc

17:25 – 17:35

»Cheer up« program

17:35 – 17:40

Minutes for SunContract Pioneers

17:40 – 18:10

Platform Launch: Gregor Novak, CEO

18:10 – 18:15


18:15 – 19:45

Networking dinner




10:00 – 10:15

Meeting in front of the Rikli Balance Hotel (ex Hotel Golf)

10:15 – 13:00

Bled tour

14:00 – 16:00

Traditional Slovenian lunch

17:00 – 19:00

Old town Radovljica tour


Return to Bled

[email protected]
Violeta Bulc
Violeta Bulc
European Commissioner
for Transport
Franc Bogovič
Franc Bogovič
Member of the
European Parliament
Tadej Slapnik
Tadej Slapnik
State Secretary in Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia
Leo Lu
Leo Lu
Deputy Sales Director,
dr. Jesus Nieto Martin
dr. Jesus Nieto Martin
PhD, Senior Research Fellow, London Business School
Jonathan Galea
Jonathan Galea
President of Bitmalta and Managing Director at Blockchain Advisory Ltd.
Marco Houwen
Marco Houwen
Project Lead at
Jure Pirc
Jure Pirc
President of Bitcoin Association Slovenia

And many more…

Why are you proud to be a SunContract Pioneer?

“I’m someone who believes green energy will take over eventually. Suncontract is the first P2P energy trading platform and they focus on solar energy. Combining green energy with blokchain is just great. I realy think this project can be huge. For me, being a pioneer is an honour. This way I help growing the project I’m investing in.”

Halis O.

“Being a pioneer is important to me because I strongly believe that blockchain technology in the energy industry is here to stay. It is a brilliant concept that will bring with it more transparency and efficiency – 2 things that are fundamental in the successful operation of any market.”

Winnie K. Mandela

It’s just the beginning, people have finally come together for making a change in industry standard.


Register to Attend

Members of the SunContract Pioneers Program are invited to attend the SunContract Launch Event through the SunContract platform. Deadline to RSVP on the platform is March 31st, 2018.

Need help?

Have any questions about the Launch Event? We’re only an email away! Find us at [email protected]

The SunContract platform empowers individuals, with an emphasis on home owners, to freely buy, sell or trade electricity. Instead of being hamstrung by natural monopoly of traditional power generators and distributors, you can now exchange electricity with any person you wish directly. Simply join the platform and select from an array of services.

By creating this platform, SunContract gives you the opportunity to become completely energy self-sufficient. Through the platform you can buy electricity, solar power plants, heat pumps and storage units and select between a wide array of energy products and services. For the first time in history you can decide on how much to pay for and to what extent even sell home-generated, green and blockchain-backed energy. You can now build an self-sufficient, eco-frinedly, green energy community.